Worship Series Summaries

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These are arranged in chronological order, with the newest or upcoming ones listed first. 

2021 Lent - Easter

4 Witnesses to the Truth

Why in the world is the “greatest story ever told” not told in the same way by our four Gospel writers? The story told in each gospel is certainly as gripping and dramatic as any we could hope to hear, but they clearly give strikingly different versions of the same events regarding Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Was one witness more accurate in relaying the facts than the other three and therefore is “the more reliable truth”? Should we only consider elements which are present in all four as “the unquestionable truth”? Or perhaps if we meld them altogether does the composite reveal “a more complete truth”? Actually, a more satisfying and ultimately more engaging approach will be for us to take each one of the four accounts on its own terms, and allow each witness to speak “the gospel truth” (aka the Good News) in his unique and powerful ways. Join us as we let the truths which each Gospel witness has to share come alive, not only for the people of that day, but for us as well.

2021 January - February

Better Together: The Power of the Threefold Cord

Our ideas about community, connection, and belonging have exploded. This certainly has been the result of our pandemic isolation, but actually the trends have been coming for decades. However, the search for community is a fundamental life search. We need to belong. While words like “family,” “neighbor,” and “congregation” are being redefined, our yearning for connection remains. One truth endures; we are better together. Small groups may not be not the answer for all of our needs, but they do have some things of significance to offer. Come join us in the search for meaningful, life-giving connections in today’s world of distancing; come be better together with Christ.

2020 Advent - Christmas

Unexpected: A Christmas Like None Other

This is likely to be a different kind of Christmas this year. Are COVID restrictions causing you to expect this year to be just depressing? Well, consider this: Jesus was not what most folks expected - he was even better! Even the wisest had to adjust their expectations, but when they did, they were awed. Maybe this Christmas is a chance for us to be awed anew also. Join us on an unexpected journey to the back streets of Bethlehem; join us for a Christmas like none other.

2020 Fall

Remember Who You Are

As we journey into the unknown future, let us carry forward with us the meaningful parts of our past. Each week, we will be remembering the stories of our Judeo-Christian faith, of our United Methodist heritage, and of our own local church so as to enable us to articulate those critical strengths that will sustain and guide us. The work of remembering is inherently sacred work. Let us remember together who we are so we can continue to move forward with confidence and faith!

2020 Summer

Uniquely John

John is unique among the Gospels. John’s Gospel, more than any of the other three, is something of a spiritual commentary of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. In John, the details are historically-based but they are intended to be far more than a mere biographer’s account of Jesus’ travels and words. John writes to tell us the meaning and spiritual significance of it all. Come walk John’s path and discover what Jesus’ words and actions can mean for your life as well.

2020 Summer

I Will Rise Again

Have you been broken piece by piece till your faith is all but gone? Have you been knocked down so far that you can’t get up? Even when your face is in the dirt, there is a voice of love saying, “Do not fear, you won’t be here for long. I will rise again. Believe in a brand new day and you will rise again too.” This summer, turn your eyes upon the one who rose again from the worst that humanity could suffer, and watch how God moves you from death to life again too!

2020 Summer

Good News from the Good Doctor

The whimsical Dr. Seuss provides the story while the Good News provides spiritual foundation. Throughout this series, the issues of the day (namely the worldwide pandemic and the national outcry against racism) will also be addressed.

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