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Bethel of Mound aims to be welcoming to all.  Even our name reflects this belief and value ... Bethel means "The House of God" and we believe that God's unconditional love is meant for every one of God's children.  

Bethel is also one of Minnesota's Certified Reconciling Congregations.  This means that we have actively taken steps to be a fully inclusive church, a place of safety and affirmation for all who enter our doors.  At a congregational vote in November 2019, the following Welcoming Statement was voted upon and ratified...

The family of Bethel United Methodist Church of Mound, Minnesota loves and values all humanity!  We openly and genuinely welcome and celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of all people, including those: 

  • Of all sexual orientations

  • Of all races and 


  • Living with physical or mental disabilities

  • From all nations

  • Married and unmarried

  • With all expressions of gender identity

  • Of all economic means

  • Of all ages

We strive as a faith community to genuinely grow together in our love and discipleship.   We view everyone as equal and equally loved in the eyes of our Lord. Welcome home to Bethel, welcome home with love!

For more information, contact Sophia Mahowald, Church Council Chair

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Welcoming to All

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