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Changes needed on this Website?
​Follow these instructions

Send an e-mail to:


Please include the following information:

Is this a request for a new page or a change to an existing page?

Page change instructions should include: 

  • URL of the page (URL is the address that shows up at the top of your browser).

  • How did you navigate to the page from the home page? 

  • Detailed description of the changes required. If new text or images are needed, please provide them. 

New Page Instructions show include:

Detailed Description including the following (where applicable)

  • Description - be very detailed, text will likely be cut and paste from your e-mail to the website

  • Who, when, where... 

  • Contact person if more information is desired.

  • Do you need people to sign up?

  • Should this be easily accessible from the home page or in a menu option? 

  • Pictures - it is very helpful to include pictures to make the web entry more interesting, attach pictures to the e-mail.

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