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Key Volunteer Leaders

Sophia is an active leader at Bethel, chairing the team which cares for the personnel matters of the church.  This group does not supervise any of the staff, but they do assist in policy-setting and direction.  Sophia and her husband Scott are more recent transplants; the people at Bethel were so warm, real, and enthusiastic when they visited that they decided to stay!  In her spare time, Sophia loves to kayak, garden, and grow grapes in order to make her own red wine. If for any reason you would like to reach out to Sophia, you may do so through his email below. 

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Steve Pinney

Church Council Chair
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Kyle Korzenowski

Sophia Mahowald_edited.jpg

Sophia Mahowald


The finances of the church are in great hands, thanks to people like Kyle.  As the church Treasurer, Kyle watches over the outgoing expenses of the church, while others care for the incoming side. 

Steve leads the governing body of the church, known as the Church Council.  He helps all the various ministries and players to work effectively together.   Steve has 34 years of experience as an executive manager for Cargill and Mosaic, before retiring for good in 2014.  Along with his astute business sense, Steve can talk farming, carpentry, and maple syrup making with you!  Let him know if you have any questions in regards to how Bethel uses the gifts you give for God's work.

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