Key Volunteer Leaders

Rachel Dahl

Outreach and Hospitality

Kyle Korzenowski 

Missions and Community Action

Tina Goralczyk

Parish Nurse & Congregational Care 

Rachel has been an active member at Bethel since 2012.  Here is her community, her family, her place to connect in the Mound-Westonka area.  Her hope is that new people might also find a "family-away-from-family" here.  She would tell you that this church is a great place to meet people who can help you find new friends and roots in the community.  Rachel has two adorable young girls, and when she has free time (which is rare) she loves to read romances.  If you are new to Bethel or the Mound community, Rachel is a great person to contact for information and a warm welcome. 

Kyle is one of the key people to seek out if you like getting out in the world and making a difference.  He and his team coordinate projects to feed our neighbors around the block and around the world.  This includes such things as bi-weekly work groups to pack food for Feed My Starving Children, bi-monthly dinners at the Simpson Shelter for the homeless in Minneapolis, and our community Grow Gardens in our backyard.  Kyle is an IT guy by profession, an avid reader, and great dad.  Let Kyle know if you have any questions regarding how you too can serve others in the name of Christ.  

Tina has been a Parish Nurse since 2008, which means she deals with the spiritual aspect of the healing process.  This could be a healing which comes about following a surgery, extended illness, death, loss, recovery program, or much more. Tina is a loving mother who gives a lot of chores, eats bonbons and watches TV all day -- at least these are what her three teen and pre-teenagers would tell you!  Actually, she enjoys reading mysteries, traveling as a family, and putting together photo albums.  Feel free to contact her if you think she might be able to help you in some way; she would love to hear from you.

Steve Pinney


Liz Friday

Church Council Chair

Pat Goralczyk

Trustees Chair

The finances of the church are in great hands, thanks to people like Steve.  As the church Treasurer, Steve watches over the outgoing expenses of the church, while others care for the incoming side.  Steve has 34 years of experience as an executive manager for Cargill and Mosaic, before retiring for good in 2014.  Along with his astute business sense, Steve can talk farming, carpentry, and maple syrup making with you!  Let him know if you have any questions in regards to how Bethel uses the gifts you give for God's work.

Liz leads the governing body of the church, known as the Church Council.  She helps all the various ministries and players to work effectively together; with her spiritual gift of peacemaking, Liz helps keep Bethel as conflict-free as possible!  Her love of pets (and all animals in general), is a passion; she has her own "Catch and Release" practice at home - any little visiting critters (such as mice and spiders) that are found inside are caught and then released unharmed outside!  If you would like to find out more about the church structure or leadership at Bethel, feel free to contact her at the email below. 

The Trustees basically oversee the building and grounds of the church.  Therefore, Pat never has any spare time ~ good thing he loves this place!  If you ask his wife, Tina, she would say he does make the best pies and cakes ever; he even creates cakes in various shapes for his kids birthdays or special events: there have been pigs, pirate ships, frogs, even fairy tale castles.  Don't contact him if you need a cake, but do email Pat if there is something related to the church building or grounds where you'd be willing and able to share your time.  This busy man appreciates every extra pair of hands when they come along!  

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