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For Your Spiritual Journey

Mid-air Leap

A Transcendent Leap

The video above comes to us from The Work of the People; simply click the above image to be taken to their site for viewing.  This link is free of charge to you; they require your email address upon entering but it will not be used to contact you and will not be sold to other marketers.  This video will be available to you for 14 days, starting February 6th at 11:30am.

The featured speaker of this 14-minute interview is Barbara A. Holmes, who encourages us to imagine our cosmic identities, listen to your genuine, divine spark within, and then take the leap into something more. 

Barbara A. Holmes is a spiritual teacher, activist, and scholar focused on African American spirituality, mysticism, cosmology and culture. She is President Emerita of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (2012-2016), and also served as Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Memphis Theological Seminary (2005-2010). Before the call to ministry, Holmes worked as an early childhood educator, a professional actor (Equity, SAG, AFTRA), and a corporate lawyer in Georgia, Florida and Texas. 

In addition to her books, Dr. Holmes has published numerous articles and is a nationally sought after speaker and lecturer.  She says, "My life is committed to the struggle for justice, the healing of the human spirit, and the art of relevant and radical creativity."



  • What parts of this video caught your attention?  Did you experience any epiphanies or new insights from what was shared? 

  • February is National Black History Month; we encourage you to listen to Holmes' story of her experience as a child at the Selma rally in the 1960s (begins at 4:27).  How does this account compare to other stories you have learned of from those times?  

  • What is the sound of "the genuine" within you?  How might you "wake up" to the divinity which is in you? 


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