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For Your Spiritual Journey

Your spiritual journey is uniquely your own.  For some, these may be first steps into something new; for others, the path is familiar yet beaconing you forward.  John Wesley, the founder of United Methodism, encouraged all to ever be "moving onto perfection," meaning to always be growing into the perfect love and image of Jesus. 


None of us expect to reach that status, but we do strive to move forward on that path, ever pursuing the ways that lead to more of the life which can be ours through Christ. 


Wherever you are on this path of becoming, Bethel welcomes you and looks to support your next steps.  

Below you will find various resources which are currently being featuring, along with a link to those which were found helpful in the past.  Many of these are designed so you may access them directly whenever possible, and utilize them on your own.  Some may be programs only being offered in-person, being led by our pastor or a qualified lay leader.  Indeed, there is value to taking this journey together, therefore even if a program is not currently being offered through Bethel, we encourage you to pull together friends for the journey.  If you need assistance connecting with others, feel free to click the link and we can see if we know of others who are searching as you are.  

And of course, please contact us with any questions you may have along the way.  Keep moving onto perfection, friends -- blessings await you around every bend!  



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