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Get Involved

So, you want to check out some ways to get involved with the classes, ministries, or special events at Bethel of Mound.  Great! 


YOU NEED TO KNOW a few simple things in order to navigate this section:

 First, YOU MUST CLICK ON EACH OF THE THREE CATEGORIES in order to access all of the options.  The first group (Serving Our Community) is the default screen so you end up bouncing back to that one all the time; just re-click the other groups to access the others again. 

Secondly, EACH OFFERING IS DISPLAYED IN ITS OWN BOXScroll over the box and a short description appears.  Click "Learn More" and you will be taken to a new page dedicated solely to that event.  

Finally, YOU MAY FIRST NEED TO CLICK ON A DATE/TIME in order for the "Volunteer" or "Sign Me Up" buttons to activate.  Furthermore, the calendar only displays one week at a time, so you may need to CLICK FORWARD TO THE WEEK YOU DESIRE, then click on the time listed.  

If all else fails, email the the event coordinator or the office and she/he will take care of you!

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