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One new approach Bethel is checking out is the formation of one new team to provide oversight for the major ministry areas of the church.  This group would oversee the five major ministry areas of the church, namely worship, Christian education, missions, fellowship and congregational care.  


This single team approach was in the design and experimental stage prior to our pastoral transition; it will need to be further developed and agreed upon before it is fully implemented.  

The current reality is that we simply don't have enough volunteers to fill the 9-10 separate teams which used to exist when Bethel was larger.  This (along with the formation of an Administrative Team) brings oversight down to a manageable configuration, while providing accountable leadership and management of these areas.  

If you might be interest in providing direction and leadership in these areas, give us a heads up here.  Those who simply wish to continue working only on projects or in special ministry functions, simply click the "Support for Team" option on this page, or take a look at the specific options listed on the "Get Involved" list.  

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