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Bethel Worship Series 

Many times, multiple worships are collected together and presented as a series so that you might follow the messages more easily.  Although each week comes as a valuable stand-alone experience, a series of similarly-themed messages allows you to build your understanding more deeply week by week.  


This is our current or upcoming series: 

Most Current Online Worship 

Our online worship takes place Sunday mornings at 8:30am on Facebook.  You can continue to access those saved broadcasts on our Facebook page, or you can watch a saved version on YouTube (which most likely is of a higher quality and with fewer glitches).  When links and other resources are available which relate to that week's experience or to an upcoming worship, those are listed here as well.  Enjoy!

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For a summary of our current series,

or a look at upcoming or recent series summaries at Bethel, click the box below... 

Links and Resources 

Recorded Worships by Date:




YouTube Music Playlist

relating to the current worship series if being offered

Featured Song

Musicians at Park Avenue UMC in Minneapolis deliver a beautiful and moving performance for your enjoyment and spiritual edification ... 

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