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Paul's Letters to the Church

Paul’s letters to his 1st century churches could easily be letters to our 21st century congregations.  Come learn the dynamics behind these passionate epistles; come discover how they continue to change lives still today.

No, No, No ... Wrong Way

Welcome to the race called your life.  Around and around the track we go, like players in a child’s video game.  Temptations and pitfalls are all along the way which tend to spin us out of control and head us in the opposite direction of the way that the game creator intended us to go.  But the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit is ever ready to alert us whenever we are going the wrong way, and put us on coarse again.  Christ faced temptations and overcame them, and so can we. 

Jesus Christ CEO

The Upside-Down Management of the World’s Greatest Leader

Those in leadership positions often study other successful leaders for insights and direction.  What better leader might we strive to emulate than the CEO of our lives, Jesus Christ himself?  But how strange were the management lessons he gave.  How upside-down were the leadership lessons he taught.  Could these tactics really lead to success still today? 

What If?

Imagine the Difference ~ Be the Difference! 

In this series, we open up our minds to the possibilities for the world.  We look at going beyond what is or has been to ideas of what could be.  Christ continues to call us beyond our guilt, our fear, and our apathy to far deeper levels of life, justice, and connectedness for all.  Along with each message of inspiration, a hands-on, difference-making project will be taking place immediately following worship in the Fellowship Hall.  Open your mind to the greater possibilities, then do your part to be the difference!

The Incredible Challenge

Parenting Helps for Those of Us Without Capes

Nothing is more important in your life than being one of God’s tools to form a human soul.  If only it were easy, but it is not.  Together we will walk through the stages of the children entrusted to our care and upbringing.  Along the way, we will laugh together at the inane struggles, learn together a helpful parenting principle or two, and remind ourselves of our divine calling as parents.  Keep the wet wipes handy, for parenting is messy business! 

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Can You Drink the Cup?

Our Lenten journey leads us into a deep exploration of a question that appears easy on the surface, but has the potential to radically change our lives at deeper levels.  Can you drink the cup? It is a question we should all take time to answer seriously as we draw near to Holy Week, and Jesus’ subsequent passionate death and resurrection.  What does it mean to drink the cup that Jesus had to drink? What does it mean to be a disciple in today’s world? What does it challenge us to do in order to completely drink the life we have been given?  The book, “Can You Drink the Cup?” by Henri J.M. Nouwen, will help guide our journey to more intimate relationships, with Jesus, ourselves, and each other. 

Gracebook Friends - the People of the United Methodist Church

Who are we when we say we are the people of the United Methodist Church?  Many people might not be aware that there is any difference between a United Methodist and other Christians.  But our unique history, development, beliefs, actions, and values do set us apart. This series uplifts the special identity which is ours, and challenges us to embrace this identity even more fully.  God’s grace is at the core it all. So, if you are searching for what our profile page looks like, look no further - we are all about the love! 

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Searching the Night

Each of us knows what it’s like to search the night for light.  Whether outside a stable, or outside an emergency room, we raise our heads to the heavens and search for answers.  We question God’s plan; we wonder if God is anywhere nearby to hear our echoing cries. The Bethlehem sky was not the last to hear the pleadings of confused pilgrims.  This Christmas, come journey with us to the manger once again, as we search together for the light of the world.

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